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Monday, July 1, 2019

Coffee Break Convo- 10 Steps To Becoming A Better Person.

Welcome. Since you clicked on this post, I'm assuming you want to be a better person. Good on you.

While researching how to get more blog views, I found out that guide style or "how to" blogs get the most traffic. And I really want to get a lot of eyes on this post. So, I tricked you.

I am going to talk about the migrant crisis at the border.

I used this money photo to trick you as well.

And it's not the bullshit "they aren't sending their best people" crisis that I'm talking about. It's the very real, very disturbing humanitarian crisis of actual concentration camps holding migrant children, separated from their parents.

Look, if you are going to fire back at me, "They came here illegally!" or "What about all the MS-13?" or any of that other unhelpful rhetoric and whataboutism; then, please, just stop reading and go about your day. Nothing's keeping you here. Regardless of your stance on immigration, or how the children got here, if you think that children somehow deserve to be held in dangerous and demoralizing conditions, then I doubt I will be able to change your uncaring mind; so just go. You are probably scheduled to appear in a teenager's nightmare soon, anyway.

Now that the trash took itself out, let's just get down to it.

My husband and I were talking about the most recent allegations of sexual abuse on children in the detention centers and just how helpless we feel about it. Not only do these children have to live in horrific conditions without basic necessities (toothbrushes, diapers, blankets, etc), they are alone, frightened and now they are being physically and sexually abused. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

But more importantly, what can we do? How do we save these kids?  We can't wait until 2020 to vote out the assholes who uphold these policies. Something must be done now.

And before you start to roll your eyes about another blog post from a bleeding heart liberal, just know this: I don't even like kids. They are usually sticky and their jokes are dumb.

cute child not being held in a squalid camp

But, even though I am a shitty person, I NEVER want to see a child in pain or hurt. I don't want to see a child crying. I don't want to see a child abused or scared or lonely. Even a terrible person like me has her limits. And so I say to you: If you are not bothered by what's going on at the border, then you are a worse person than me. And we've already established that I suck.

Ok, if you are still here, that means that you would probably like to help. So I've put together some ways in which you can do something about this.

1. Donate money. Yes, they do need toiletries and basic necessities, but those items are not making it to the detention centers...because of red tape fuckery and corruption.

2. Seriously donate money. You can make donations to:
  1. The American Civil Liberties Union Donate here.
  2. Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) Donate here
  3. Migrant Center for Human Rights Donate here
  4. Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) Donate here
  5. La Posada Provencia Donate here
  6. Annunciation House Donate here
  7. Together Rising Donate here
  8. La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) Donate here
3. Be vocal. Talk about it online. Keep this crisis in the news. Don't let 45's other shenanigans distract from this issue. Talk about that fuckery too, but don't stop talking about this.

4. Call your representative. Dial 202-224-3121 and the switchboard will connect you to your representative.

5. Did I mention you should donate money?

6.Volunteer. You can volunteer with any of the organizations listed above.

7. Attend a rally or protest.

8. Donate more money

9. Talk about it IRL. Talk to your coworkers, your family, your friends, your letter carrier. Be annoying. Make sure this topic is on everyone's minds.

10. Vote. Obviously, vote in 2020, but also- vote in any upcoming elections from the smallest local election to national ones. Show up for the mid-terms and runoffs. Find out the candidates' position on immigration and vote for the ones who will do something about these poor children.

Oh...hey, look at that- I did provide you with 10 steps to becoming a better person.

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