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Monday, July 8, 2019

Coffee Break Convo- 10 Phrases Guaranteed to Insult or Annoy You

This weekend, I had a shitty interaction on Twitter; which is probably the majority of interactions on Twitter, so I know that I am not special.
Not here for trolls.

I deleted the comment because fuck them. I don't let trolls hang their terrible artwork on my wall.

But, it did get me thinking of the times I've been insulted or attacked for having an opinion; which has been often because I am a woman on the internet, after all.

And when I think back to the ways in which someone is about to unleash some fuckery, it usually starts with one of these 10 phrases below. Let's call them Fuckery Indicators. They are as follows:

1. "With all due respect," Means they are about to be super disrespectful.

2. "I'm going to play devil's advocate"...and waste everyone's time with some irrelevant bullshit.

3. "Well, actually..." Girl, you are about to be mansplained to.

4. "Don't take this the wrong way" You are 100% about to be insulted.

5. "I'm not racist, but..." They are going to say something very racist.

6. "Promise you won't get upset" You will get upset by whatever comes out of their mouth next.

7. "I don't usually like girls/guys/people who____, but on you..." They will then give you a backhanded compliment, in which you are expected to be flattered for having the quality that they dislike.

8. "Not to be that guy..." Absolutely going to be THAT guy.

9. "As a taxpayer," This will be followed with some Reagan-esque thing that your parents would say.

10. "Can I ask you something?" They are asking your permission to ask you something stupid or insulting.

What Fuckery Indicators did I miss? Comment below!


Anonymous said...

"In my humble opinion"... The opinion is never humble and you're about to be insulted and pissed off.

Anonymous said...

I feel like “as a taxpayer...” needs to be the 10 on the fuckery indication scale, as we are all taxpayers, and once I became a business owner I realized what a pittance the taxes I paid as an individual were.

a- said...

My soon to be mother in law recently chimed in with "sorry to side step your post but..." And ended by insulting a 3 deployment veteran and k-12 teacher with "why are you even in this country" for being critical of the, well, motherland.

Know-Getter said...

That’s a good one!

Unknown said...

Can I ask you something?? That one got me in mt feels a little bit. I strive for knowledge and consistently ask permission before asking any question. I try to be mindful of the fact that not everyone has the opportunity to reply or even a desire to clarify. Yes. I took it personally. Am I mad at you? No. Thanks for showing me where I could use some improvement. Much Respect😊

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