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Friday, June 21, 2019

Flask Friday! Summer Solstice Cocktail Recipe - The Lovely Day Jameson Whiskey Sour

Happy Summer Solstice! Let's have a drink! A Jameson "Lovely Day" whiskey sour to be specific.
Full disclosure, I might be writing this a bit buzzed...because I had to try this drink again, and again, and again. It is THAT delightful. It's a goddamn summer day in a glass, hence the reason I'm bringing it to you today. It's also vegan, which is great for my vegan friends out there! But, you didn't click on this link to read me wax poetic about the virtues of this spirit, so let's get down to it:

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I got this recipe from the Lovely Day recipe on the Jameson whiskey website. I had to make a few minor tweaks for taste, and well, low cash; but isn't that what this whole blog is about? I get that "know" for you and make it work for everyone.

Because recipe blogs are so annoying when they wait to give up the recipe until the very end; I'm going to buck the trend. Here's the recipe:

2 oz (or "Jersey Style," which is 2.5 - 3 oz) Jameson Irish Whiskey.
1 oz Lemon Juice (or the juice from one large lemon)
1 oz Lavender Syrup ( I used this one)
1.5 oz Aquafaba (A-ha! You have to continue reading to find out what that is! Classic Know-Getter mess-around)

Pour all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake, shake, shake Senora. Next, add a couple ice cubes and shake some more. Pour into either a tumbler or champagne glass and add a dash of seltzer.

Step back and marvel at the witchcraft.

(This drink is gorgeous!)

Seriously, this drink is wizardry because of the, wait for it, AQUAFABA.

What's aquafaba? Well, only your new best friend and the key to rocking the best cocktail party ever.

Simply put, aquafaba is bean water. Those of you who took Latin already know this. But not just any bean water; it's garbanzo bean water. And more simply put- that weird liquid in a can of garbanzo beans. I shit you not.

Yep, strain a can of garbanzo beans and put the beans in a container and the liquid in a glass container. Chill that liquid in the fridge for a bit and now you have the best hipster dufus cocktail additive that ever was.

Apparently, a chef named Joel (with an umlaut over the "e") Roessell discovered that chickpea brine (aka garbanzo juice) acted the exact same way that eggs do as an emulsifier. Later a bartender named Keith Corwin saw this "aquafaba" stuff popping up on vegan cooking blogs and thought to add it to a whiskey sour. The rest, as they say, is drunk history.

So the next time you are at the grocery, store pick up a can of garbanzo beans ( I should also mention that you can do the same with dried garbanzo beans after you cook them, but who has that kind of time?) You can use the beans to make a delightful Greek salad or hummus and use the aquafaba to have a really good time with a really good cocktail. Also, I am super concerned about food waste right now and how much we (Americans in particular) waste food. This is just a simple, but fun way to make great use something that you might have otherwise thrown out. And from what I could find, the aquafaba can last around a week in your fridge.

Also....there's a video of me making the cocktail. Watch all the way to the end to see my disturbing Silence of the Lambs reference!

Oh, yeah; and happy Solstice! And Slainte!

Need some music for your cocktail sipping? I put together a summer playlist here:

How are you celebrating the solstice? What's your favorite summer cocktail recipe? Drop a comment down below.

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