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Monday, June 17, 2019

Coffee Break Convo - Is it "This," or "Next" Saturday?

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Last week I had a spirited debate with my husband about the use of "this" and "next" when one is talking about a day of the week.

I'll explain. Let's say you want to make plans for Saturday the 22nd. Today is Monday, the 17th. Would you say, "I'll see you this Saturday" or "I'll see you next Saturday?"

The answer is obvious to me...but apparently, it is not to everyone. And by everyone, I mean my husband...and many others. He thinks that using "next Saturday" is ok in this instance.

I maintain that it is not.  In my mind, "next Saturday" means the following Saturday...the Saturday of next week. This Saturday means, well THIS SATURDAY...I'm not sure how much clearer that can be.

It turns out, my husband is not the only person who speaks in this ridiculously wrong manner. I've had several conversations in which the Saturday I am talking about and the Saturday the other person is talking about are not one and the same. Now, it's entirely possible that the person with whom I'm speaking is just trying to purposely get out of making plans with me. That, I get.

My point is, that it seems we have come to an impasse. Or have we?

You best believe I googled that shit moments after having this spirited (read: buzzed) debate with my husband. And it turns out, I'm right. Well, mostly.

Here's a response I found from a website called English Stack Exchange:

"People generally understand next Saturday as the Saturday after this, that is, if you are on a Friday, and someone tells you to meet them next Saturday, it doesn't mean the next day, but rather, Saturday of next week, the Saturday after.
Some pedantics will believe and argue that it is, as you say, the Saturday that comes next. That is valid reasoning. However, if you want to be understood by the majority, "next Saturday" will mean Saturday next week."
So, there you go. I'm sure I haven't changed many minds and those who use "next Saturday" to mean "this Saturday" will dig in their heels and continue to do so. And that's fine. Just don't be surprised when I show up a week late to your event.

Seriously, though- what are your thoughts? Leave a comment below as I would love to know what is the popular opinion. Try to change my mind. You won't...but you can try.

P.S.- If you were like, "Did that bitch buy a selfie stick just to promote her lame blog?"
The answer is, "she as shit sure did." But, I'm not special. you can get one too.


RiannaRave said...

I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

I've had this argument so many times, I just got into the habit of saying "Not next Saturday, but this Saturday" I was taught that "This" Saturday meant, "This Coming Saturday". But I learned that back in the last century, so maybe they don't teach that anymore.

K.S.M. said...

@RiannaRave and @ Ferrell- I'm glad I'm not alone!

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