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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Writer's Block and Roll.....oh, forget it.

It has come to my attention that I really should be maintaining this blog. My posts have been sporadic at best. But, in my defense, I've been really busy. There's been a lot of Buzzfeed quizzes that demand my participation (What Kind Of Dog Are You? Turns out, I'm a dachshund. Who knew?), a lot of great TV (Orphan Black took up pretty much ALL of my June) and I've been trying this "clean eating" thing (aka "cooking Amish"). So, you know. Busy.

But I'll set aside a few minutes of my whirling schedule to update the old blog.

*Blink, blink*

Oh, well- this is embarrassing- it appears that I don't have any idea of what to write about. Oh, right! THAT'S the reason I haven't been updating lately. I have writers block. 

Writer's block is TOO a real thing! 

Oops. There I go getting defensive over imaginary accusations from imaginary blog readers. Lets take it down a notch: writer's block is a real problem for writers and pretend writers like myself. It can last a few days to a few years. So, a few months of me not posting a blog is really NOT that big of a deal. Sorry, sorry. I'll tone down the defense.

Well, you say; "Name one writer that suffered from chronic writers block."

I can give you two: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charles M. Schultz. And probably a few others who don't have initials in there names, but those were the first two mentioned in the wikipedia article I read.  Er- I mean those were the most prominent names that appeared in my tireless hours of research...

Um, so back to it. 

Writer's block may have a scientific cause: according to my extensive research (read: Wikipedia), when the brain is under stress, it shifts from the cerebral cortex (creative part) to the limbic system (reptile brain) and triggers the common "flight or fight" response. So, the way I understand it: your brain is stressed and feels like it needs to be ready for anything, it puts your creative thought process on the back burner so that you can fight wolverines if need be. 

That's one idea, anyway. 

Cures for writer's block? Well... you're looking at it. From what I can glean from my exhaustive research (again, thank you wikipedia) is that most writers and educators feel that just writing ANYTHING (free association, journals, list-making, etc.) will help shake off the shackles of writer's block. And, if you keep at it, you might not be reduced to using such cliches as "shake off the shackles of writer's block."

So there it is; my attempt to fight my way back into the literary circle. And back into your hearts.

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